Muertos Estan Vivos, Los Harold M. Sherman

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Published: November 28th 1994


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Muertos Estan Vivos, Los  by  Harold M. Sherman

Muertos Estan Vivos, Los by Harold M. Sherman
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Modern ghost hunters have a tendency to be unaware of the full history of paranormal investigations, especially the history of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Sherman’s book describes in detail the countless recordings from the 1950s through the late 1970s made by everyone from a variety of scientists to the recently bereaved attempting to make contact.

For example:“In 1959, Friedrich Jurgenson, of Molubo, Sweden, while recording ‘bird sounds’ in a forest, was astounded when he played back the tape to find human voices on it, one of which appeared to be his long deceased mother’s voice.”Sherman relates that Jurgenson was joined in 1965 by Dr. Konstantin Raudive, a psychologist and author of several philosophical books, and “together they made a number of successful recordings.”It’s fascinating to read their process, which includes starting most sessions with prayer and reel-to-reel recording equipment. A significant portion of the book relates example after example of conversations recorded – both disembodied voices (heard at the time) and later heard EVPs.

While the repetition gets a little dull, it strongly supports the theory that these are disembodied voices and not random radio transmissions, taxi cabs, law enforcement, or other explanations. This is a cross-cultural phenomena and essentially everywhere anyone tries it, they eventually succeed.There are fascinating tidbits throughout the book (well cited by Sherman), including one about telepathic experiments conducted by NASA (Thoughts Through Space pub.

1972) in which Astronaut Edgar Mitchell communicated with four psychics on earth while he was on the moon.Another anecdote is about Raymond Cass, an audiologist in England, who describes his extensive EVP experiments and has noted fluctuations in responses based on geophysical, meteorological and solar issues, including solar flares.Intriguingly, Raymond Cass reports that “Whilst Spiritualists experimented with various pieces of apparatus designed to augment the energies of Mediums, radio hams around the world reported transient, sporadic signals from unknown sources.” I wish that piece was better cited as I really wanted to follow up on it!Chapter 3 on Dealing with the Earthbound was helpful by sharing a few simple techniques for helping confused spirits move beyond the earth plane and towards a higher vibration where they can be assisted in moving on.

Sherman explores theories about the helpfulness of prayer and hopes we will eventually “learn how to be of better help to the spirits of loved ones and speed them on their way with odd and loving thoughts.” Later chapters provide more detailed communications both asking entities to leave and clearing old debts toward the deceased when you feel you may need to forgive them or ask for their forgiveness.Sherman cautions that although it seems the dead do want to communicate with us, there are significant barriers and it appears (from conversations he’s had) that sometimes the ‘equipment’ on the other side will break down too.He also suggests using an AM/FM radio to assist communication by creating the “soft hissing sound known as white noise.” He then provides the step by step process he’s found for the most successful communications, including which radio frequency.

I won’t share that here as I want only serious researchers to follow through – find the book and read it! What I like best about his approach is it is made in peace and love – there’s no provoking or antagonizing for a dramatic made-for-t.v. response. Instead, he approaches it from within a framework of wanting to provide support and assistance for lost souls.While using a radio can, of course, produce false answers, Sherman disputes that all EVPs are generated by radio waves, stating, “I don’t deny that this happens at times, but I find it difficult to believe that the air control tower repeatedly calls me by name, says they love and depend on me, or comes back with answers to questions usually in ten seconds or less.

If I have any doubt about a particular message I never play it for others.” A message echoed 30 years later by the t.v. show Ghost Hunters, “When in doubt, throw it out.”An interesting theory Sherman shares is the idea of Greeters, defined as “spirits familiar with the spirit world who help the newcomers to adjust to the spirit world and the traumatic change from the physical, teaching them how to transport their spiritual bodies and accept the transition.” A comforting thought to help people as they cross over.Harold Sherman also relates a number of theories from a wide variety of sources (Israeli to Tamil) which conclude that spirits frequently do not know they are dead, do not understand their new circumstances and need a fair amount of convincing before they’re able to “move on.” It is his belief (and that of others) that Greeters and spirits familiar to the recently deceased (hey, where’s that handbook?) are able to break through and show them the way.

He also discusses how there are several dimensions with which we might be in communication and some we probably cannot reach. In working with several investigators, Sherman and others have built up ideas about the afterlife and what it looks and feels like, which was very interesting to review.Sherman utterly discounts reincarnations and supplies the theory that trapped, low-vibration, unhappy spirits are possessing these humans in order to exist again on the earthly plane. While I don’t agree that every supposed case of reincarnation is explained by that, it is something to consider if someone’s behavior becomes out of character.Chapter 16, The Remarkable Mecevitch Case, discourages the use of Ouija boards and automatic writing because Sherman believes it opens “the mind to possible influence by what I term ‘earthbound entities,’ men and women who are close to our plane of existence and who might seek to possess a living mortal.” Sherman believes “there is increasing sober evidence that ‘spirit possession’ is more prevalent than has yet been recognized by the psychiatric and medical professions.

. .” He then relates a Russian case wherein a family receives communication from their deceased father about life after death and communicating with the dead. The Russian father describes possession as an issue to be aware of, especially since the visiting entities are typically anywhere from unfriendly to dangerous. As a protection, Sherman and others recommend insulating oneself with a barrier of love, light and harmony to prevent invasion. Sounds somewhat hippy-dippy to us now, but they took it seriously and applied it to their work then, so who are we to judge?Sherman also talks about his after-death conversations with co-experimenter Sir Hubert Wilkins in light of proving EVPs are from the deceased and not from one’s own subconscious (or from other alive minds via telepathy).The book includes other authors’ views on life after death, with some fascinating theories to choose from and ends with Your Preparation for the Life to Come about making a personal connection to God so your journey can be made in peace.

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