A Bridge Of Years Robert Charles Wilson

ISBN: 9780385419369

Published: September 1st 1991


333 pages


A Bridge Of Years  by  Robert Charles Wilson

A Bridge Of Years by Robert Charles Wilson
September 1st 1991 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 333 pages | ISBN: 9780385419369 | 9.70 Mb

I kind of got this by accident. I really enjoy Robert Charles Wilson’s books and saw this available for pre-order on the Nook. I waited for months for the release date, then decided to get the audiobook because a credit cost less than the ebook. I was a bit surprised that the Audible Frontiers version was released in 2009, but just thought that the ebook version was new.

As I’m listening, it seemed a bit dated. The current-day events in this time travel story occur in 1989. I did more research on the book and found out that it was originally published 20 years ago and was re-released in late 2011. I’m just saying this for disclosure because it really didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story.What did affect my enjoyment was this similarity between this novel and Stephen King’s newest, 11/22/63 which I listened to last month.

I kept thinking that this book was so much like that one and had to remind myself that Wilson wrote it 20 years before King wrote his. In both books, an ordinary guy from the present travels back to the past. King’s protagonist to 1958 and Wilson’s to 1962.

They both get jobs, rent apartments, make friends and fall in love in the past. The both face great danger because of their time traveling. As much as I enjoyed this, I felt like I was re-reading 11/22/63 and that really isn’t fair to “A Bridge of Years”. This book is worth reading, just don’t read it too close to King’s book.This audiobook is one of Jonathan Davis’s better narrations. His voice is perfectly suited to the story and his tendency to talk like William Shatner wasn’t as bad as usual.

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