Mission: No More Linda Quintal Goza

ISBN: 9781462853281

Published: April 12th 2011


70 pages


Mission: No More  by  Linda Quintal Goza

Mission: No More by Linda Quintal Goza
April 12th 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 70 pages | ISBN: 9781462853281 | 6.79 Mb

You’ll laugh your socks off too as they get up and dance and get down to . . .MISSION: NO MORE( Just a good ol ’ stor y)b y L i n d a Q u i n t a l G o z a ªxHSLEQCy853281zv*:+:!:+:[email protected]: 978-1-4628-5328-1(97685)MISSION: NO MORE is a comedy, drama, Rated G “movie” novel with a positive,yet subtle and fair message with good intentions that has everyone from all walks of lifecoming together and becoming a team with Their President & Leaders, fixing what needsthe extra help being fixed, while helping everyone in the process.

It’s a win, win situation- it’sa win, win mission. And it’s done in 24 days, which everyone celebrates, The Super Bowl,Thanksgiving and Mission: Complete Day, seeing each other via satellite and or in personfrom sea to shining sea- hence the cover picture. Together they did it, leaving no more saddays to be seen, but only happy ones, had by all!I couldn’t have come up with this on my own- you’ll notice you’re in there with your funnyquotes, words of wisdom, and all. In general, the names that were changed in this and 3other fictional children’s stories I’ve written, by using the thesaurus, was a nice surpriseseeing how very well it describes the individuals!

Some names were left the same, making thefictions altogether come to life- giving you the feeling you’re at the “movies”.The other 3 fictional children’s stories will be coming out in 2013, which “I think will bean enjoyable read” as well, for all ages everywhere- making this is a dream come true Thanksto Xlibris. Another dream come true is being here with our wonderful family, friends, andall. Life is good!God bless, take good care & “see you at the “movies”!

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