The Other Twin Hunter Morgan


Published: 2003


349 pages


The Other Twin  by  Hunter Morgan

The Other Twin by Hunter Morgan
2003 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 349 pages | ISBN: | 7.72 Mb

This spine-tingling tale of suspense marks the return of a convicted serial killer who preyed on twins twenty years ago, and now is targeting the survivors...with twice as much vengeance They called them the Twin Murders, the horrific work of Charles Eshey, a serial killer who preyed on, kidnapped, and murdered one twin, leaving the other alone and haunted. Sydney Macgregor remembers the time all too well. It was her testimony that put Eshey behind bars for life. But that was twenty years ago, and Sydney has managed to go on with her life, raising her own daughter.

Then the killings start again.Someone is targeting the twins who survived. One by one, their children have disappeared. Now, to protect her daughter, Sydney will delve into the twisted mind of a psychopath, matching wits with the man who killed her own twin. Its a dangerous game that could uncover the truth...and leave her family vulnerable to a serial killer more cunning than she could ever imagine.

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