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Unknown Book 9058798  by  Unknown Author 799

Unknown Book 9058798 by Unknown Author 799
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I am always happy to see a new guide-book for victims of todays high-tech organized criminals. I have just read, Schizophrenia, My ____?!?! Being in the Know by Beth Donahue. And, this work stands out noticeably among this kind of guide-book.Beth Donahue very courageously exposes her vulnerable experience as a sexually molested child.

Autobiographically, she continues to narrate her life-journey. The reader follows her through a psychological gauntlet. There are encounters with cruel, electronically savvy, subliminal stalkers. A suicide attempt (she discusses suicide and homicide as terrible side-effects of subliminal stalking). And, a tragic wrong turn onto a psych ward.Trying again, the author discovers personal coping strategies in her own best interests. They are: personal psychotherapy, adequate sleep, good diet, and exercise.She, also, embarks on a gifted intellectual investigation into the phenomenon that she terms cross-talking over the airwaves.

The reader follows along as she discovers many deleterius influences attributable to todays directed energy devices. There is evidence of suspiciously unaccounted-for tinkering with FCC regulated airwave frequencies. These altered video and radio broadcast frequencies saturate our communities and make it possible for us to hear voices.Airwave cross-talking, as a contemporary label for one facet of our traditional symptom category - auditory hallucination - is supported by her reference to a challenging British social program (www.dvhs.freeuk.com).

This modern service provides wide-ranging information and discussion about various etiologies for the traditional symptom, hearing voices.Chaptered within the overall narrative, is a generous list of officially verified (and body-function altering) patented devices. This listing makes the book an eye-opener for average people who struggle to cope with established methods of psychiatric treatment.Such electronic and patented devices can cause our brains to involuntarily perceive visual and auditory information.

These inventions can cause our nervous systems to stimulate our bodies in shocking ways without our knowledge or consent.It is quite possible that the misuse of these devices and/or airwave cross-talking can be responsible for psychiatric misdiagnosis.This effort is a trail-blazer in the direction of fair treatment and liberation for targeted victims of criminal group-stalking and organized electronic assault.

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