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Rabbit Teeth  by  John Steel

Rabbit Teeth by John Steel
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When Dee Sensy inherits an inscribed wooden box he is afraid to open it. But soon, in order to find Batri Rycharge - the woman he loves - he will have to.Rabbit Teeth is a powerful story of loss- the strange journeys on which it takes us and the people we become as a result.In form and scope, Rabbit Teeth is a novel that both challenges and surprises and does what any good novel should do: it forces us to question who we are. It is an investigation into the nature of shared human experience and the feelings that elevate and sadden us.

It is a serious book, deeply wise and soulful that feels entirely relevant to the uncertainty of the present moment. It is psychologically rich and consistently thought provoking novel that is compelling and difficult to put down. Rabbit Teeth is a unique and captivating work that occupies a fictional space dense with poignant in the everyday and the bleak loss of its passing. It is a tightly written, moving and exciting work of fiction that comes to mean more than the sum of its parts as the narrative carries us with an irresistible momentum to a moving and surprising ending.

The story acquires resonance as the lives of the characters echo and overlap and begin to present a mesmerizing portrait of how the events in our lives change us and what we become as a result of them. Rabbit Teeth weaves together the lives of its characters and charts their evolution with a rare tenderness that leads us through their pasts while evoking a psychologically rich and thought provoking atmosphere in order to explain their present. Rabbit Teeth is a brilliantly written and superbly conceived novel that in its structure distills the notion that the events in our lives happen in a sequence of time which only in their significance to ourselves find a kind of order: the continuous thread of revelation.

Rabbit Teeth is an utterly absorbing novel that is both emotionally complex and ambitious which despite its sometimes harrowing message ultimately fills the reader with elation at its sweep. It is a haunting and accomplished novel that, though sparsely told, has the density of a far longer work and shimmers in the memory for a long time. Rabbit Teeth’s prose is simple and powerful yet intimately explores grief and the childlike helplessness we feel as we suffer loss. Beneath its outward straightforwardness lies a hauntingly complex exploration of the recurring patterns that life inevitably follows.

Rabbit Teeth is a beautiful short novel that is sufficiently strange to challenge yet startlingly clear in its universality.

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